Hunter Pace originated from a foxhunting tradition.  Certain times of the year the members of the hunt would get together and enjoy a race day with Point-to-point, Steeplechase and Hunter Pace.  The idea behind Hunter Pace is to try and match the speed of the Hunt master during a foxhunt.  Today we measure the distance and use a pre-set speed.  Here is a great chance to ride cross-country courses by yourself or with a friend....just fun, no pressure! You will be scored on pace only. If you don't have a partner, let us know!   TO SIGN UP, VISIT OUR FORMS PAGE.



* CLASS 1A. WARM-UP, PAIRS. To be ridden over a short outdoor course, without obstacles, at a pace of 200 meters per minute (trot speed.) Closest to optimum speed wins. A good class for a green horse or a green rider. This is a pairs class.  This class sponsored by SINCAL TRAILER REPAIR.


* CLASS 1B. WARM-UP, SINGLES. Same course as 1A, but for individual riders, 200 m/m.  This class sponsored  by PIONEER EQUINE HOSPITAL.


* CLASS 2A. ELEMENTARY, PAIRS. To be ridden over a course of jumps. 18"- 2’ at a pace of 250 meters per minute (fast trot.) At least one rider must jump each obstacle. This class sponsored by CONLIN SUPPLY.


* CLASS 2B. ELEMENTARY, SINGLES. Same course as 2A, but one rider at a time. The rider must jump each obstacle. 250 m/m. This class sponsored by the TACK ROOM and MODESTO FEED.


* CLASS 3A. LOW BEGINNER NOVICE, PAIRS. To be ridden over a course of low jumps, 2' to 2'3”, at a pace of 300 meters per minute (slow to moderate canter.) Water optional, At least one rider must jump each obstacle. This class sponsored by ACE HARDWARE – WATERFORD FARM SUPPLY.


* CLASS 3B. LOW BEGINNER NOVICE, SINGLES. Same course as 3A, but one rider at a time.  This class is sponsored by STEVES CHEVROLET.


* CLASS 4A. HIGH BEGINNER NOVICE, PAIRS. To be ridden over a course of low jumps, 2'4” to 2’7", at a pace of 325 meters per minute (canter); at least one rider must jump. Possible water jumps.  This class sponsored by AUBURN LABS – MAKERS OF APF PRO.


* CLASS 4B. HIGH BEGINNER NOVICE, SINGLES. Same course as 4A, but one rider at a time. This class is sponsored by MARGO’S LOGOS.


* CLASS 5. NOVICE CROSS-COUNTRY, SINGLES ONLY. One rider at a time, over a course of obstacles to 2’11” to be ridden at a pace of 350 m/m. Course will include water. Course length: 3/4 to 1 mile (1200 to 1600 meters) This class sponsored by FRIENDS OF JULIE MATTOX.


* CLASS 6. TRAINING CROSS-COUNTRY, SINGLES ONLY. One rider at a time, over obstacles about 3' 3", to be ridden at 400 meters per minute. Course will include water.  This class sponsored by RIDING WAREHOUSE.


* CLASS 7. OPTION (AND RE-RIDE) CLASS. This class may be entered on the day of the show'! This is your chance to re-ride any class or try a different one. May be ridden as pairs or singles. This class will not be awarded ribbons or prizes. ENTRY IS ONLY $10. FOR THIS CLASS!


ENTRY FEES: $20. per horse per class. ($10. for class #7.) Ribbons and great prizes!!  Ride times: Check the website 3 days before the show.  ENTRIES CLOSE EIGHT DAYS BEFORE EVENT!  Entries received not postmarked by closing date will incur a $5. per class post entry fee!  Call for info: 209-874-3401.


STABLING:  Pipe corral Day use: $15, Overnight: $15. Barn paddocks or stalls: $30. Camping included!


REFUNDS:  NO REFUNDS AFTER CLOSING DATE, FOR ANY REASON.  Please don't ask.  Any entries not refunded will be put to really good use in the jump fund.  RIDE TIMES: Ride times will be posted 3 days prior on

Mail to: LONE TREE FARM  & VISTA DEL RIO, 23806 Yosemite Blvd, Waterford, CA 95386 Connie - 209-985-3354 / Erin 831-254-1164


PREFERRED ROUTES: From north: from Hwy 99, take 219 exit at Salida, go east (left), about 13 mi, then turn right on Oakdale - Waterford Hwy. Once in Waterford turn east (left) onto Hwy 132 and go about 12 miles, watch for signs on right.
 From south: take Hwy 59 north from Merced “R” St. exit, turn right, then left on 16th St, follow signs to turn right onto Hwy 59. After the town of Snelling, turn left on J59 (La Grange Rd.) north to La Grange. Turn left onto Hwy. 132, go about 5 miles, to Vista del Rio sign on left. FROM BAY AREA: Take 580 to 132 through Modesto all the way to Vista del Rio, about 12 miles past Waterford, watch for Vista del Rio and Lone Tree Farm sign on right

SCHOOLING:  We are open for schooling (with all flags and numbers up) the Saturday before the Hunter Pace.  You will need to pay a grounds fee for the use of the facility, and you must have a coach.  You may join a lesson given by one of the Lone Tree staff, and you need to pay your instructor separately.  We are also open for schooling nearly 365 days a year, call or email for availability.

Lone Tree Farm | 23806 Yosemite Boulevard | Waterford, California 95386
Office Phone: (new number!) 209-330-3010  | Cells: 831-254-1164 (Erin);   408-242-2001 (Pierre);  209-985-3354 (Connie)  | 

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