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LONE TREE FARM is the perfect place to retire your beloved equine friend or raise a youngster in a natural heard environment. Our mares, geldings, youngsters and "geezers" each have their own separate, wide open pastures to be with their peers. We offer experienced, full care for your horse, making us a great choice for layups as well.

We handle all vaccination, farrier and dentist needs for you. You'll have peace of mind knowing your horse is in caring, good hands.

We have 80 acres of irrigated pasture and we supplement with feed during the winter months. If your horse is a "hard" keeper, we even have a pasture for that where he/she will get extra food year round. Grain and supplements can be also given for an extra cost.

Because we live on site, the horses are watched closely ensuring their health, safety and changing needs. We treat all the horses as we do our own. In fact, our own horses live out in the pasture too!


We also have grassy paddocks and stalls inside the barn. Whether inside or outside, your horse is sure to be happy here at Lone Tree Farm! Contact us to check on availability, or add your name on our waiting list.

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