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We are pleased to announce that there will be an Instructors' Certification Program WORKSHOP for Young Event Horse Trainers AND RIDERS to be held on June 15 - 17, 2018 at Lone Tree Farm in Waterford, CA.  Robin Walker will be our lead faculty.  Connie Jehlik with US Pony Club will be the organizer for this one.  Pony Club instructors will get preference and a significant discount.  They must fill out a "Pony Club Recommendation Form" - email me for details and a form at lonetree.ca@gmail.com. USPC website - https://www.ponyclub.org/ 


If you already have your ICP Certification, please consider coming to get additional certification.  But if you haven't been through the ICP program, here is an outstanding chance to get more education, meet your peers and become certified!  If you have anything to do with young horses - either riding or coaching students who ride young horses, this workshop is FOR YOU!!  If you want more information, you can look under "Education" on the USEA website, or you may call me - I will try to answer any questions you have.  We only have a few spots, so please sign up as early as you can.  We have scheduled on Friday through Sunday this year.

If you want to bring a horse, it must walk, trot and canter confidently and jump small (2' 6") courses.  Cross country experience a plus.  Email ME (lonetree.ca@gmail.com) and send your auditor paperwork to me.  Auditor payment and requirements apply.  Send your forms to me.


More questions?  Just ask!  We have an indoor arena and also all weather footing, so don't worry about possible rain.   AND if you have a young horse or two you might be willing to bring, please let me know!   I am attaching some paperwork so you can get started.


AUDITORS ARE WELCOME!  Send your Entry Form or non-horse Auditor Form to Connie Jehlik!

Instruction Services Director, 4041 Iron Works Pkwy, Lexington, KY 40511

The Candidate Entry Forms go to the USEA, and can be turned in AFTER the workshop if needed.


   Basic (USPC) Workshop entry form   USEA Workshop Entry Form            Auditor Form


Please mail the forms below to Nancy Knight at USEA:      
Nancy Knight,  Senior Director of Education

United States Eventing Association

525 Old Waterford Road, NW

Leesburg, VA 20176

703-669-9997, Fax: 703-779-0550





Trainer Candidate Form        Instructor Candidate Form     







Workshop Day Schedule (tentative)   I will post more info as I get it!   Thanks, and see you in June!


Any questions?  Call or email.  209.985.3354  or lonetree.ca@gmail.com

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